Category: Art Therapy

A Rock and a Hard Place
How often have you experienced feeling pulled in two directions – a part of you that really wants or feels something and another that wants or feels the exact opposite? This completely normal experience of two parts of ourselves operating at cross-purposes is a concept known as polarization.
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Transformative Healing from Trauma
Trauma can impact us deeply, causing severe emotional pain. However, the impact doesn’t have to result in long term suffering. It is possible to heal from trauma and the resulting distress and psychological hurt. When combined, art therapy and IFS have proven effective in processing trauma resulting in transformative healing.
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Is a Career in Art Therapy Calling?
So, you want to be an art therapist. Practical considerations offered by an experienced art therapist and guidance on what it means to BE an art therapist.
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For When Words Aren’t Enough
An individual might wonder, “Why art therapy? I’m not an artist – how can this help me?” Good question! By using the creative process in therapy with a licensed and experienced art therapist, we can begin to explore your internal world from the outside in a safe and supportive environment.
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