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Individual Therapy

Whether you are in distress or curious about a different approach to therapy, we’re here to help. If you are motivated to overcome challenges and achieve personal goals in a welcoming, safe and non-judgmental environment, we offer traditional verbal individual therapy as well as individual art therapy.

About our holistic perspective
Anxiety, mood, stressful life transitions, grief and loss, and trauma-related issues can significantly impact our body, mind, spirit, and relationships. We will support you by approaching these symptoms from a holistic perspective, helping you work through the symptoms you are experiencing in the present as well as developing strategies to feel empowered and able to manage the inevitable challenges this world presents.
About our collaborative approach
We believe in working collaboratively with your physician and/or psychiatrist to ensure you receive optimal benefit from your care. We will not push medication but will help you make informed decisions about whether medication would be of benefit. We can also provide referrals to complementary providers if you determine that would help facilitate your healing and wellness.
What is the importance of a "good fit"?
We provide a complimentary consultation call where you can ask questions and we can decide together if scheduling an initial assessment makes sense. During the initial assessment session, you will share more about your concerns, history, background and goals for therapy. We will ask questions about different areas of your life and listen to your story. We will be learning about each other and determining if we are a good match! We will provide some preliminary recommendations and come up with a plan for moving forward. If you are going to be working with your insurance provider, a diagnosis will need to be established.
How long does therapy take?
If we decide to work together, we’ll set up a schedule. Frequency and duration is something we work out together based on your needs and our recommendations. We view the first 4-6 sessions as an extended period of evaluation and discovery as we learn more about you, you get a feel for our style and approach to therapy, and we develop rapport, a sense of safety, and, most importantly, trust. On-going therapy involves working together towards your goals, which may be short term or long term.

At some point, you will feel improvement, that you’ve reached your goals, or that you want to stop therapy. While some people experience noticeable changes or resolution of their initial concern in only a few sessions, for others, this takes longer. Your honesty and feedback will help us determine the flow and intensity that best suits your needs.
What if I'm not comfortable talking about myself or what I'm feeling?
The approach we use works to reduce any shame or self-criticism you may experience from the moment we start. If needed, We will spend time appreciating and getting to know any protective parts of you that might cause you to shut down or not know what to say next, keeping you from talking about something you believe would be embarrassing or shameful. Rather than push you to discuss difficult material before you’re ready, we will pay attention to these concerns, which if ignored, can cause a lack of motivation to remain engaged in therapy or address the issues caused you to seek therapy in the first place.
Can therapy really help me?
It can feel scary to trust someone enough to open up and share things you may not feel comfortable thinking about, never mind say aloud. It makes sense you’d be concerned whether therapy can really help. We get it. We’re in no rush. Many of our client have experienced ruptures in relationships that make trust difficult. You can ask us questions and talk about whatever you’d like – it doesn’t have to be the reason you’ve reached until you’re ready. We’re here to help and want you to feel comfortable and share honestly. We pride ourselves in developing safe and affirming therapeutic relationships that nurture hope, healing, and the ability to thrive.