Services, Theraplay


Everything we do in the Theraplay room is geared toward helping the parent and child find more connection and joy together. We’re not doing this by talking about feelings or experiences, we’re doing this by connecting and enjoying each other in the moment.

How can Theraplay help?
Some parents and caregivers seek out therapy because their child is acting out, having trouble regulating their emotions, or having difficulty in school. They might hope that they can bring their child to a therapist who can “fix” things by working directly with their child.

Some parents blame themselves for their child’s issues. They recall all the times they’ve yelled, taken away privileges, or used time-out. They want to do things different from how they were raised but they can’t break the cycle. They might listen to a podcast, read a book or do their own therapy.

Each of these scenarios serves a purpose of course, but with Theraplay, the “client” is not the child or the parent alone. The “client” is the relationship.
How does Theraplay build a connection?
Theraplay is an evidence based, attachment focused treatment that focuses on the relationship between parent/caregiver and child. Unlike many other approaches, Theraplay focuses on the here and now, building connections through simple, joyful experiences. The Theraplay therapist helps the parent develop empathy for what their child is experiencing and teaches the parent tools for helping the child feel safe, secure, loved, and appreciated.
Is Theraplay right for my family?
Theraplay is best for families with young children under the age of 12 years old who are struggling with a range of issues including anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship and attachment problems.
What should I expect?
Theraplay sessions are videotaped for several reasons. First, they are taped for supervision purposes so another set of eyes can analyze patterns in the relationship. Second, parents are shown clips of sessions every few weeks to develop empathy for their child, develop insight into what’s going on for them or their child during the session, and to process ways to improve or celebrate small changes over time.

Parents are heavily involved in all sessions including several up-front sessions where we explore the parents’ childhood and how they were raised.

There are some additional fees for Theraplay sessions to reimburse for the therapist’s time to analyze videos.