Services, Supervision & Consulting

Workshops & Groups

Our team of experts offer a variety of opportunities for individuals to enhance their self-care and learning while connecting with others in a supportive environment. We offer workshops, open art studios, support groups, and group therapy for everyone! Whether you're facing life challenges or looking to learn from and with other professionals, our experienced clinicians are here to help.

We are excited to be developing a variety of skill-based workshops to assist individuals in dealing with the many challenges life throws our way. From unexpected birth trauma to coping with seasonal stress, we're continuously assessing and responding to the needs of those we serve with skill-based workshop offerings. We are also exploring opportunities for professional development workshops to assist with continuous education credits.
Open Art Studios
Our open art studios offer the freedom of an art studio and the support of an art therapist. Bring a work in progress or use our supplies to create something new. Our art studio is a safe, nonjudgmental space for expression, growth, and reflection through artmaking. Experimentation and collaboration are encouraged. No art experience is necessary, just an open heart and mind - our focus is on the process and experience of art making, not the finished product. While open studios are facilitated by a licensed clinician in a group setting, they are not group therapy and therefor are not covered by insurance.
Support Groups
Support groups are open to individuals managing a difficult life experience who are seeking a haven of support and a safe space for expressing themselves while making connections with people with similar shared experiences. While these groups are facilitated by a licensed clinician, they are not group therapy and therefore are not covered by insurance.
Group Therapy
Group therapy provides an alternative avenue of therapy, offering unique benefits not possible in individual therapy alone. Whether used adjunctively with or in lieu of individual therapy, group therapy can be an excellent way to enhance or augment your overall care and treatment progress. Some groups may be verbal processing and others art therapy based, some for a specific time period and others on-going. These groups may be covered by insurance.