Mosaic Therapy Services offers a specialized range of services to truly deliver the possibility of hope, healing, and the ability to thrive.

Discover what it is like to feel food about yourself and others again!

We offer the following services to help you on your way.

Services, Individual Therapy

Achieve personal goals in a safe, non-judgmental therapeutic relationship.

Services, Art Therapy

Explore your internal world from the outside using creative self-expression.

Services, Internal Family Systems

Experience healing, balance, and harmony within your internal system.

Services, Trauma Healing

Access hope and the ability to thrive using trauma-informed therapy approaches.

Services, Child Therapy

Support your child’s emotional development and resilience using play and art.

Services, Theraplay

Build connection with your child through joyful experiences in joint therapy.

Obtain supervision, consultation and guidance from qualified and experienced clinicians.

Services, Supervision & Consulting

Enhance self-care and learn while connecting with others in a supportive environment.