Diversity Statement

Mosaic Therapy Services, LLC is dedicated to promoting an environment of respect and appreciation for the race, color, ethnicity, religion, sex, national origin, age, ancestry, physical/mental ability, status as a veteran, sexual orientation, marital status, parental status, gender identity, gender expression, genetic information, and socioeconomic status of all persons. We are committed to creating and maintaining an atmosphere of openness, trust, and safety where all attitudes, beliefs, values, and behaviors can be freely explored and discussed. We fully embrace providing high quality and multiculturally sensitive services that affirm the dignity, worth and value of all individuals. In doing so, we strive to provide a welcoming and enriching environment that is conducive to the intellectual, emotional, and social development of our diverse community.

Anti-Racism Statement

Updated 6/10/20

Mosaic Therapy Services, LLC acknowledges that notable disparities exist in access to and type of mental health care that non-white ethnic groups receive. As a mental healthcare practice, we need to have a nuanced understanding of the major factors driving these inequalities in order to play a role in the fight to implement systemic change. We want to ensure that our practice is an accessible place in which everyone feels safe, heard and respected.

We are aware there are always racial-social-political influences that enter into the therapeutic relationship. It is not only important we be open to explore these influences, but also re-examine our therapeutic practices and strive to reduce barriers to treatment. Mosaic Therapy Services, LLC is committed to developing its steadfast anti-racist perspective. In an effort to confront race-based injustices, we have reviewed and wish to share this resource on anti-racism. We are willing and open to discussing racial differences and their impact on your worldview and experiences when and if you choose.

Mosaic Therapy Services, LLC is also examining its practices and therapeutic concepts while adapting ways to pursue system change by engaging in advocacy efforts to further remove barriers to treatment and pursue justice beyond our practice. We are devoted to doing better by supporting and/or being involved in organizations equally committed to eradicate systemic racism and promote access to care for all.